The Swedish Association of Certified Training and Educational Companies 

SAUF is the Swedish association for businesses that educate and train clients. It is a membership association created to ensure high standards in adult education among members. In this sense, it is self-governing. Businesses that wish to become certified members must submit an application with statements and evidence indicating that they meet the standards set and upheld by SAUF. SAUF works with Bureau Veritas in its certification process. The certificate is renewed every fourth year. Bureau Veritas acts as an independent quality verification body that inspects to ensure that standards are being upheld. Members may be expelled if they fail to maintain the standards or are in breach of the conditions of their membership. There are currently 75 members listed on the web site.

It is increasingly common that Swedish public authorities and large companies procuring educational services require SAUF certification for procurement. This is an indication that SAUF membership represents high quality training services.

Are you interested in getting more information, please contact Eva M Torsson, CEO SAUF, on eva(at)